Escape to the Woods

by Rebecca Huggins

Into the woods,
deep, deep, deeper.
The darker and darker it gets.
The night grows cold,
And the trees loom ominously like giants.
Their arms are long and boney,
Their fingers like claws,
They reach out blindly to find us.
On we go now, deeper still,
And slowly, out of the darkness,
A strange little tune dances above the night air
Whispering words quite forgotten:
The yowl of black cats,
The flittering of strange bats,
And things too horrible to mention.
Yet in this strange place,
We make our escape
To worlds quite seldom visited.

©2010 Rebecca Huggins. All rights reserved.
About the Author

Rebecca Huggins is a graduate from East Tennessee State University where she received her master's degree in education, and is the publisher and editor-in-chief of Black Lantern Publishing and its imprints, Broomstick Books and Crow's Nest Magazine. She holds a literature degree in English from King College. When she isn't writing, reading, or editing, she's spending time with her husband, two dogs and cat, watching movies and listening to Swedish rock bands.